wild & washed

We Sell Premium Select “Wild Harvested” Washed Bushels and Single Oysters. 

Oysters season is October 1 through May 31.*



IDEAL: RAW, STEAMED, roasted, stewed

Maggioni Oyster Company bushels weigh 40 pounds. One bushel feeds seven to eight people when paired with sides and salads. 

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40 pounds
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Saint helena salts

IDEAL: STEAMED or roasted

Maggioni Oyster Company’s Saint Helena Salts grow in the deep soft pluff mud gutters and drains located throughout all of Maggioni’s private leases. In order to survive in the wild, blades must grow tall and thin to surpass the mud as they strive to attain water and sunshine.

Saint Helena Salts average four inches in length and yield long pieces of meat that is typically saltier than Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf Coasts Oysters as well as Maggioni Oyster Company’s Roddy Rocks. Saint Helena Salts can be harvested at both low and high tides so they are readily available. 

Sold in 100 count bags
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Roddy Rocks on the 1/2 shell


IDEAL: on the 1/2 shell or steamed

Named after Jeff’s dad, Roddy Beasley, these premium singles take about three years to grow in the wild before they are ready for picking. 

Maggioni’s Roddy Rocks are harvested from their private leases located on the Broad and Chechessee Rivers. These wide turbulent rivers roll the oysters back and forth killing any larvae that would normally attach to the single oyster and form clusters. This rolling process is what gives the oyster it’s “hard as a rock” shell and it’s deep meaty belly.

Roddy Rocks open easily and the mature meat has a nice sweet aftertaste to go with the initial briny flavor. Maggioni Rocks will be 3 –4 inches in length and will usually assume a round/cup shape or will resemble a “short blade” with a belly. Roddy Rocks are harvested at extreme low tides so availability can fluctuate.

Sold in 100 count bags
Please call for pricing.

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* There are some restrictions that occasionally impact the season’s dates.