Maggioni Oysters is Jeff Beasley’s legacy. Music is his passion.

Jeff Beasley Band

Jeff Beasley One Man Band

Jeff Beasley One Man Band

Not only is Jeff an oyster farmer and fourth generation steward of the land, Jeff Beasley is an incredibly talented musician who loves to play with friends, but breaks away solo as a one man band act.

Jeff kicks a kick drum, hi-hat cymbals and snare drum while simultaneously singing and playing acoustic guitar, slide, and harmonica. When the show calls for it, he adds Mike Perry on upright bass and James Moody on sax to bring that “full band” sound.

Jeff’s song list is chalked full of cover songs and crowd pleasers that appeal to all ages. He’ll go from Van Morrison-to-Neil Young then Frank Sinatra-to-Bob Marley — Blues Traveler-to-The Eagles and a whole lot more. Request your favorite songs and hear them in a whole new way.

Jeff is based in Savannah,GA and plays whenever he can — between growing and picking Maggioni Oysters.

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