On the Shores of Saint Helena • SINCE 1870

We Still Nurture, Harvest, and Wash Our Wild Oysters Just Like Grandpa Did.


Left: Jeff Beasley working at Maggioni Oyster Company; Right: A Maggioni Sign from day's gone by


Today, Maggioni Oysters are harvested from our privately leased oyster beds which are all located in the clean salty waters of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Following in his father’s footsteps, fourth generation owner and operator, Jeff Beasley, takes pride in keeping the quality high and the oysters healthy and delicious. Jeff is a passionate steward of both the family business and of the land and sea.

Jeff grew up around the oyster business, but after completing college, he followed his passion for music to Nashville. Jeff returned to Savannah in 2003 and has been playing to crowds across South Carolina and Georgia. When his father, Roddy, Beasley passed away in 2015, Jeff took his natural place in the family’s business: steward, oysterman, and business ...